chocolate from Peru

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  • Chocolate Tree Winter Spice dark chocolate 70%


    Dark organic chocolate blended with balanced German gingerbread spices and citrus.

    70% Cocoa Content

    We source organic cacao from Peru, where the cacao trees grow amongst other plants and wildlife. We work directly with cooperatives who ensure a high price is paid to farmers.


    100%  Organic, Plastic Free & Plant Based


    Chocolate Tree Winter Spice 70%

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  • Chocolate tree coconut


    An alternative to milk chocolate made with coconut milk and coconut blossom sugar.

    Depending on availability we typically use the cacao from Chililique (Piura) for the coconut bar.

    May contain traces of dairy and nuts.


  • Award winning chocolates


    In a remote mountain valley of Northern Peru, is the village of Chililique.

    In partnership with CacaoTales the farmers there are processing their cacao to a high standard so we can make exceptional chocolate.

    Made in a factory that handles dairy and nuts.

    Chocolate Tree Piura Chililique Peru 70%

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  • Zotter Labooko High End 96%

    Ingredients (100 g):

    • 96% peruvian cocoa, coconut blossom sugar
    • Energy: 2508 kJ (608 kcal)
    • Fat: 52 g
    • Carbs: 14 g
    • Protein: 14 g
    • Salt: 0,38 g

    Zotter Labooko High End 96% dark chocolate

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