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Dark chocolates with cocoa conent above 85%

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  • Chocolate Tree Porcelana


    Porcelana; the famous heirloom cacao of Venezuela. This rare variety fruits a beautifully light pod, yielding a superior nutty flavour.

    Made in a factory that handles dairy & nuts.

    Chocolate Tree Venezuela Porcelana 85%

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  • Chocolatemakers Gorilla 92% étcsokoládé


    The 92% Gorilla bar is a fusion of two special projects. Thanks to these projects, both the habitat of the endangered gorilla in Congo and the habitat of the Orangutan in Indonesia are protected.

    • 100% Gluten free
    • Produced on solar energy
    • 100% Organic chocolate
    • Zero waste & plastic-free

    The Virunga region lies at the crossroads of Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The area is threatened by ongoing deforestation due to illegal logging and encroaching small-scale agriculture.

    Planting cocoa restores land and prevents deforestation. This keeps the Virunga National Park intact and protects the last habitat of the mountain gorillas.

    In Africa, Forastero cocoa trees are predominant; the taste of the beans is powerful, you taste a pure, uncomplicated chocolate.


    Chocolatemakers Gorilla bar extra pure 92%

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  • Belize Black 100%


    One hundred percent pure cacao. We’ve carefully reduced the acidity and added a little organic cocoa butter. In partnership with Uncommon Cacao we are helping to maintain biodiversity in Belize through careful organic agroforestry.

    Made in a factory that handles dairy and nuts.

    Chocolate Tree Belize Black 100%

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  • Zotter Labooko High End 96%

    Ingredients (100 g):

    • 96% peruvian cocoa, coconut blossom sugar
    • Energy: 2508 kJ (608 kcal)
    • Fat: 52 g
    • Carbs: 14 g
    • Protein: 14 g
    • Salt: 0,38 g

    Zotter Labooko High End 96% dark chocolate

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  • Zotter Labooko 90% bolivian dark chocolate


    A single origin chocolate with 90% cocoa and 10% raw cane sugar for all those who like clear lines and don’t do compromises. It’s created with El Ceibo cocoa – a rare bean only available in very small batches. We travelled to Bolivia, met up with the cocoa farmers and were given this unique cocoa. A rare cocoa privilege!

    Fragrance notes: subtle notes of wood and fruit (hints of grape)

    Taste notes: nuts, (caramelised) wood, lots of cream, a hint of liquorice, mild touch of coffee, lingonberries, woody finish, mildly astringent with a little bit of fructose

    May contain traces of all types of nuts, peanuts, milk, sesame and soy.

    Zotter Labooko 90% bolivian dark chocolate

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  • Taza Wicked Dark chocolate


    Perfectly unrefined, super intense 95% dark stone ground chocolate. This barely-sweet bar has just 2 grams of sugar per serving. It lets the bright fruity flavors of our cacao shout loud and proud! We think our unique stone ground process creates the best ultra-dark chocolate you can find. Paleo-friendly, vegan, and organic, with NO dairy, NO soy, NO gluten.

    This product is certified USDA Organic, Direct Trade, Gluten Free and Kosher Pareve, and Non-GMO Project Verified. It is also dairy free, soy free, and vegan.

    Contains traces of almonds, cashews, coconut, hazelnuts, and pecans.

    Taza 95% wicked dark

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